Tropical Beach Theme Wedding Dress
You are looking for your beach wedding dress. Where to start? You need to consider the reception style, dancing, and your beach wedding theme.  You may have lots of different ideas about your wedding dress style possibilities, but your wedding will seem unbalanced and not harmonious if you don't have everything centered around a wedding theme. 

The most common beach wedding themes center around the location or your favorite aspect of the seashore you've chosen -- such as a mariner or lighthouse theme, sea shells, tiki torches and exotic flowers, or more simply classical sunset romance.   All else flows around the theme - the ideas and designs for your invitations, place cards, flowers and other decorations, food, even music. 

Your beach wedding dress is no exception. 

The beach location gives you lots of flexibility.  And you don't have to go to a bridal shop and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wedding dress.    In fact, some brides with destination beach weddings want something completely different from a church wedding. So they may choose a style to complement the beach wedding destination itself or directly related to their beach wedding theme. 

For example, sarongs are flattering and popular.  Or for a tropical theme or Hawaii beach wedding location, a beautiful Hawaiian wedding dress with lei is sometimes the choice.  Then the maid of honor's dress and best man's shirt are usually made from the same tropical print, too, carrying out the wedding theme.

Where Can You Buy Your Beach Wedding Dress?

There is great shopping online for a wedding dress.  But again, the beach is different and the ideas limitless.  You may want to buy a dress close to home, so you can try on different styles and sizes to see what fits just right and flatters your figure the most.

But I like this wedding dress idea.  If you are traveling to your wedding location far enough in advance of the actual wedding date,  you might want to buy your beach wedding dress there, when you should have a wider selection of what is truly local.  If you are using a destination wedding planner or wedding planning services at the hotel or resort, or even a travel agent, speak with them about this in advance.  See if they can steer you toward select dress shops and other stores located near your wedding site. 

Then your wedding dress, itself, will be another "souvenir" of your wedding and honeymoon! 

  • Since beaches don't have air conditioning, they tend to be hotter than indoors. You'll want to take care that the radiant bride doesn't become a hot, sweaty mess, but is instead, glowing, confident, and glorious.  So heavy beading, heavy fabrics, and multiple layers of fabric are generally not advisable for a beach wedding dress. 
  • Instead, most beach brides look for lightweight fabrics such as organza, and where possible, natural fibers for outdoor destination wedding dresses.  Natural fibers "breathe" and are cooler, including the traditional choices for quality and elegance, silk and linen. 
  • Crepe and chiffon can add a light, airy, romantic touch to any beach wedding gown, too, and are especially pretty when they float gently in the beach breeze. 
  • Polyester and lycra blends are often used, as they are wrinkle resistent, but they are synthetics that are not as cool.
  • Elegant jeweled trim gives an impressive, regal look without adding weight of "heat."  This golden bride made an excellent choice!

Beach Wedding Celebration In Water
Your beach wedding dress selection needs to reflect your celebration style and romantic inclinations.

Did we say WATER?  Some couples simply love the romance of water... and end up in it as they gleefully celebrate the joy of their wedding!

A few brides even choose to get married in water. 

TIP - Choose a fabric for your beach wedding dress that is washable - that is "wet-able" in the sea or pool for a romantic,celebratory dip.  But not see-through!

Tropical beach wedding dress and veil
A beach wedding destination can be formal, but it also lends itself to island casual styles and everything in between. 

Some beach brides go to extremes with their selection of casual beach wedding dresses that are in keeping with daytime beachwear and the celebration they plan. 

I'm personally not in favor of the cut-out, bikini-derived styles, because they seem to detract from the solemnity of the occasion. 

But other casual touches can be fresh and pure, perfectly in keeping with the seriousness of the wedding covenant - yet festive and comfortable for the wedding party to follow. 

It's all a matter of preference, and on the beach... Anything Goes!

If you prefer a longer, more formal beach wedding dress, check out the enticing video on Romantic Beach Wedding Dresses home page. Be as dreamy and alluring as your heart desires!