Tropical beach wedding dress and veil
A beach wedding destination can be formal, but it also lends itself to island casual styles and everything in between. 

Some beach brides go to extremes with their selection of casual beach wedding dresses that are in keeping with daytime beachwear and the celebration they plan. 

I'm personally not in favor of the cut-out, bikini-derived styles, because they seem to detract from the solemnity of the occasion. 

But other casual touches can be fresh and pure, perfectly in keeping with the seriousness of the wedding covenant - yet festive and comfortable for the wedding party to follow. 

It's all a matter of preference, and on the beach... Anything Goes!

If you prefer a longer, more formal beach wedding dress, check out the enticing video on Romantic Beach Wedding Dresses home page. Be as dreamy and alluring as your heart desires!

5/3/2012 05:28:51 pm

You cannot wear Formals everytime. You need to feel free sometimes especially when its your wedding. If Formals bother you then you can opt a casual dress for your wedding and it would be a great idea to feel relaxed.

7/24/2012 05:26:05 pm

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