Beach Wedding Dress Lengths

Caution If You Want A Full Length Beach Wedding Dress

Romantic Long Beach Wedding Dress
Trains are elegant and romantic, but do you really want one dragging in the sand?  It's glorious to look at - at first - but look at the muddy mess later.  Could you dance with such soiled hemline?  And talk about ruining a very expensive, very precious piece of clothing.  You wouldn't be able to share it with a younger sister, or your future daughter.  Memories of a lifetime ... but ruined in a minute.

Better to save the train for a wedding on solid ground - on a deck, patio, or other structure if not indoors.  If you're going to walk in the sand, you'll be happier with another hemline.

Assuming you are actually getting married on the beach itself, accept the fact that you will also sink in the sand a little.  So if you want a full-length dress, it would be better to have it hemmed a little above the ankles, not quite as long as you might have the same dress hemmed for a church or synagogue wedding.

A train is not necessary for an elegant, feminine wedding dress.  Soft, feminine touches can come from flirty, uneven hemlines, exposing the ankles and perhaps some leg.  And there's nothing more gracefully romantic than a layer of chiffon floating gracefully over the more closely fitting wedding dress of any length.

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Cocktail Length And Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

Short Beach Wedding Dress - Barefoot Stroll In The Sand
Cocktail length wedding dresses and tea length dresses are popular for beach weddings.  Even shorter skirts are selected by some beach brides for greater comfort and freedom of movement, as well as freedom from worry about sand on the dress.

These cool and refreshing styles are easy on the budget, fit in with a festive, fun wedding reception celebration party, and make your guests feel comfortable about attending in festive island attire or other cool beach garb. 

Just watch out for "no-see'ums" and sand fleas, especially in the early evening on many beaches, such as Florida.  You will want to wear insect repellent and perhaps have some available for your guests, too.  If possible, you might have the sandy ceremony location raked a couple of hours prior to the wedding, just before placement of the chairs. 

Then your beautiful, bared legs can make for a pretty sight as you glory in an airy, free spirit full of joy and excitement!

Beach Wedding Dress Ideas
Your wedding can be as unique as you are, and so can your beach wedding dress. See our "Beach Wedding Dress Ideas" for creative ideas to make your beach wedding as special and fun as you are!